United Meat

United Meat

The highest quality meat from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are the preferred source for United Meat. Alternatively, United Meat can also offer a fine choice of imported chilled meat products that represent excellent value.

Daily Doner production is approximately 5-10 tonnes of Lamb Doner and 2-3 tonnes of Chicken Doner Kebab. Our Lamb and Chicken Doner kebabs have distinctive taste which comes from years of expertise and natural ingredients. We also process 5-10 tonnes of Lamb, Beef and Poultry products for restaurants and fast food businesses around the UK.  


We here at United Meat are committed to our reputation as a company with the highest standards in customer satisfaction, hygiene, health and safety. 

Our business is dedicated to the best practice supply of high quality meat products at the competitive prices on time every time. 



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